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      Hydro-X (Qingdao) offers professional water treatment solutions (chemical, equipment and service) from Hydro-X & Aquatreat (Aquacare), for boiler, steam, cooling, RO, district heating and more.
      Being a “wholly owned foreign enterprise”, offering high-quality products, continuous research & development and extensive technical know-how provided by “Hydro-X International A/S” (Denmark) and “International Aquatreat Co. bvba” (Belgium), ensures that “Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co. Ltd.” is always able to deliver the best possible water treatment solutions.
      Offering conceptual treatment solutions from well-established European industrial water treatment companies’ makes Hydro-X (Qingdao) the obvious choice, as supplier for the extensive water treatment market located within, as well as outside, Shandong province. An expanding network of agents and distributors bring our solutions ever closer to a fast growing portfolio of satisfied long-term customers.
      On our website, you will find useful information about us, about our products and solutions, about water treatment and about what we can do for you and your business.

      Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
      Zhuzhou Road– Laoshan District – 266101, Qingdao – Shandong Province – P.R. China
      P: +86 (0)532 88903360 – F: +86 (0)532 88903356 – info@hydrox-cn.com – www.qysjpt.com

      Copyright 2017

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